konyk details and repair parts

Some about us

We are Konyk small team that design suspensions and additional parts for popular electric scooters Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter. We’re just showing own example others that it’s easy to be happy with an electric scooter.

We are not a mass production, our products are unique and there are very few of them. There is a lot of manual labor involved in this work. We apologize for the fact that some products are often out of stock. This is not our main job, this is our hobby, which we like very much. We are especially happy when these products make happy our like-minded people who appreciate riding electric scooters and enjoy life. Be careful on the road and respect others.

Planned projects

Contact us

Oleksii Akhmetshyn click to you can email me, or telegram
City: Kyiv, Irpin – Ukraine
Worked on: Sokil Clamp RWD Adapters Lock Konyk RS Konyk X RS Dereza FS
I am engaged in production and design. I organize production processes.
Yaroslav Samoylenko click to you can email me, or telegram
City: Kharkiv – Ukraine
Worked on: Konyk RS Konyk X RS RWD Adapters Dereza FS
I will answer all your questions about Konyk Rear Suspension.
Dmytro Galych click to you can email me, or telegram
tel: none
City: Kyiv, BC – Ukraine
Worked on: RWD Adapters Konyk RS Konyk X RS Dereza FS
I am engaged in rendering of 3D models and animation. If you need help rendering your products, I’m here to help. I work in the Blender program


We collect reviews about us, about our work with clients, about our products in this telegram group. If you have any questions about working with us, they can answer you here.