Bracket fork

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The bracket fork is a steel curved detail for mounting Konyk rear suspension. It is installed on the frame of the following models of electric scooters:
Xiaomi Electric Scooter m365, 1S, Pro, Pro2.
Please note that this part must be firmly fixed with a screw m6 and nuts to the frame of the scooter, so as not to give it any chance for play.

recent updates 8.28.23
– the bracket fork design has a little update. The ears were reduced so as not to injure the shock absorber. look the details lower

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Now this detail bracket fork you can buy separately. Many people asked to add this detail to the site as separately.
Some people put this bracket-fork in combination with other similar rear suspensions. Our Konyk suspension is made in small quantities so it is often out of stock. Sorry.
We personally do not know how this detail will work in combination with other rear suspensions. But we can say for sure that the lower part of the detaill in the form of a fork should fit the vast majority of shock absorbers on the market.
This part is made of solid steel and is curved to avoid using the welding process.bracke-fork konyk mount

bracke-fork konyk mount

recently update

In the specified place, friction of the lower part of the air shock absorber sometimes occurred, as a result of which small deformations appeared on the surface of the shock absorber.
the bracket fork design has a little update. The ears were reduced so as not to injure the shock absorber

So, it was decided to reduce the red contour of the ears of the bracket

regarding pro2 model

at the frame of a scooter pro2 model, there is a slight difference in the design in the place where this bracket-fork is installed. We recommend simply move it closer to the wheel and adding additional washers m6 to the lower part of the bracket-fork in order to fix it well. It is not necessary to cut a small structural part for attaching the tail light wire.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 47 × 43 × 75 mm
the kit contains

Bracket-fork. screw ISO 7380 M6x20, nuts m6 2pcs, washers m6x1mm 2 pcs, washers m5x2mm 3pcs


sheet steel 3 mm, Steel 45


black matte

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