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Steering Pole Clamp to Ninebot Max G30

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Clamp Ninebot Max G30 is a clamp steering pole specified the model of electric scooter. This clamp serves as a replacement for a failed steering column folding unit.

Long and rough operation of this scooter model leads to wear of the handlebar folding unit. Especially if the scooter is used in a rental service. To increase the customer’s injury safety, we recommend replacing the folding unit with a fixed unit.

Sold out!


The clamp Ninebot Max G30 made of heat-treated and solid-milled 7075 aluminum material. This is not mass casting. Deep seat for steering pole is 54 mm in top part of the clamp and for steel tube is 41 mm in bottom part of the clamp. The weight of the clamp with screws is 535 grams.

You can get feedback from clients in our telegram group. And by the way, this is not the first such product, we also produce similar clamps for Xiaomi Electric Scooter m365, 1S, Pro, Pro2

some about mounting the clamp Ninebot Max G30

Installing the clamp is fairly easy. The lower designe of the сlamp is installed in the same way as the standard folding unit on the steering pole of this electric scooter, use existing long screw m6. Do not rush to tighten the side 4 screws that are included. Next simply insert the steering pole into the top of the clamp, after as removing the standard top part of the folding unit. Then align the steering pole of the scooter and tighten the four screws Scooter the clamp installation completed.

Additional information

Weight 535 g
Dimensions 65 × 56 × 98 mm

black matte