Derezа front suspension

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Dereza front suspension to Xiaomi electric scooters for model: m365, 1S, Pro, Pro2 models.
Plug and play system. Front suspension lever type.
It should be noted that this kit comes without a shock absorber. (We do not produce any shock absorbers)

air shock -

Parameters for air shock absorbers:

– 125mm(for 50-75 kg riders), 150mm, 165 mm too;
– single-chamber, double-chamber;
– pump up to your weight (160-190 PSI for 80 kg).

spring shock lex1store

Parameters for spring shock absorbers:

– from 650 lbs (50-100 kg);
– 125mm, 150mm, 165mm;

spring shock lex1store

Parameters for oil spring shock absorbers:

– 650lbs ( 75 kg);
– 150mm;

After a long time of testing Dereza front suspension by various participants who managed to get the first kits of the new sample, we decided to try to start production in this year. But there is one imortant condition: we will start it after there are at least 100 people who want this product. If you want such a kit, please fill out the pre-order form:

the link to this google form

UPD 10.17.23 We are pleased to inform you that we have already started working with previous customers. The available product will be on the website after we process the previous customers. You can fill out a pre-order form if you wish. In the comments, do not forget to indicate which version you are interested in, wide (112-114mm) or standard (78mm). Thank you.


Dereza front suspension is designed for a 125 mm, 150 mm shock absorber, type shock: for compression. A minimum 1000 lbs spring shock can be installed.The best shock absorption effect can be achieved by installing a single-chamber or double-chamber air shock.

Incoming parts Dereza

By this time, on March 28, 2023, this suspension construction is already completely tested and some problems have been corrected.The initial version of the suspension was able to install only one type of shock absorber, namely 125 mm. Now you can use shock absorbers with wheelbase sizes of 125, 150 mm. For this, two corresponding holes are provided in the suspension arms. The geometry of the traverse and levers has been partially changed. If you plan to use a 150 mm shock absorber, then you will have trouble installing the mudguard.

Video tutorial how to install

The Dereza suspension advantages

in the editing process…

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Additional information

Weight 1650 g
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 mm

black matte


2024, sheet steel 3 mm, sheet steel 4 mm


galvanization + powder paint

dereza kit options

standard dereza kit, left and right plastic caps, wider levers dereza kit 114 mm

recent updates as of 14-Aug-23

Here’s a look at some of the latest Dereza suspension updates. We care and take into account the wishes of the first users, whom we value and respect. We thank you.

  • The traverse part was strengthened to withstand greater loads
  • The aluminum plate was replaced with a steel one. In this way, a welding seam is introduced
  • Increased the thickness of the support washer and replaced the m4 bolt with an m5 bolt with a countersunk head
  • Specified positions of shock absorbers on levers, especially for 150 mm
  • It became easier to install the motor wheel on the levers
  • Assembling the Dereza suspension became much easier, because the wishes of the first users were taken into account
  • The dereza suspension comes pre assembled and with oil inside the bearing chamber
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3d models of caps for suspension levers, right and left. A total of 8 files, 4 files of stl format, and 4 files of graphic images of models

download 3d caps models of the base Dereza levers (right/left)↓ 1.53MB – 8 files

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Instal and driving of Dereza Front Suspension

Factory fork disassembly, front suspension assembly, spring and air shock work demonstration in Dereza front suspension.

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