Konyk rear suspension

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Konyk rear suspension for Xiaomi Electric Scooter pro, pro2, m365, 1S models. It is Plug and Play system. This is the Konyk official page.
For this suspension you can use spring or air shock absorbers of such parameters:

air shock - lex1.store

Parameters for air shock absorbers:

– for compression;
– length 140-170 mm; (recommended 165 mm)
– single-chamber, double-chamber;
– pump up to your weight;

spring shock lex1store

Parameters for spring shock absorbers:

– for compression;
– 300-500 lbs (60-100 kg);
– length 140-170 mm; (recommended 165 mm)

  • m365/1S
  • PRO/PRO2
  • (with a spring shock) PRO/PRO2
  • (with a 165 mm AIR shock) PRO/PRO2
  • Konyk-X-for PRO/PRO2


Konyk is the name of the rear suspension for Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro, Pro2, m365, 1S that we produce.

This name of the rear suspension was not chosen by chance, “Konyk” is a grasshopper if translated from Ukrainian into English. Grasshopper can jump and this is exactly what you need to modify your electric scooter. Do you want to ride comfortably and be like a grasshopper overcoming various obstacles on your way? Okay, you’ve come to the right place. Okay, further is serious.

the konyk rear suspension advantages

  • konyk plug&playplug&play
  • konyk light weightlight weight
  • konyk nice designnice design
  • konyk fit tires 10x2.5, 10x3fits 10’x2.5′, 10’x3′ tires
  • konyk differents shock absorbersfits various shock absorbers
  • rear motor installing without destroying the framerear motor installing without destroying the frame
  • more space for your feet

some basic information

When creating this modification, one of the important criteria was to ensure easy installation for anyone who wants to. This modification can be safely attributed to the category plug&play.

The second important criterion was not to spoil the design. We didn’t want to disfigure the beautiful design of the electric scooter, so we tried to hide the shock absorber so that it doesn’t stick up. We had to pay for this by the fact that the scooter became 80 mm longer on average.

The third criterion is the weight of the suspension. We love this scooter because it is relatively lightweight. Those who have been with us from the very beginning of the launch may remember that the first rear suspension scheme was made from sheet steel. It was necessary only for testing and working out the function, but no more. Some other manufacturers have copied this scheme completely without thinking. We absolutely agree that laser cutting from a sheet is 10 times cheaper than solid milling. But the suspension needs to be stiff enough for lateral loads. It was decided to use a high-strength aluminum alloy of the 2024 type. As a result, the suspension turned out to be quite stiff and light, its weight with a shock absorber is about 900-1050 grams.

P.S. Work on the creation of this product began back in February 2020. And already in August 2020, the first Konyk kits were produced (m365 classic). Some say that we stole the idea from the Chinese, but this is not the case, in confirmation of this you can see how a Chinese seller inserts our product name “Konyk” into the meta tags for search engines

[This page continues to be edited, not all information is given]

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 230 × 110 × 20 mm


length spring options

140 mm, 150 mm, 165 mm, 170 mm




750 gram


anodizing + spray paint


m365/1S, PRO/PRO2, (with a spring shock) PRO/PRO2, (with a 165 mm AIR shock) PRO/PRO2, Konyk-X-for PRO/PRO2

made in


recommended Air Shock Absorber Kit

when purchasing an air shock absorber from third-party sellers or manufacturers, make sure that the kit includes at least one 8mm axle for mounting with the lower part of the Konyk rear suspension.
recommended parameters and kit of air shock absorber for Konyk rear suspension

quick assembly instructions

this is a short step-by-step guide how to install the Konyk rear suspension

how to install Konyk RS

#5 Konyk 2.0. Recent global changes

since the release of this video, the Konyk rear suspension has become available for the electric scooter models pro, pro2. The design and other changes also affected the scooters version for the m365 and 1S models.

#4 Skating

#3 Unpacking and installing

Unpacking and installing the first kit personally by Yaroslav

#2 Specification

Some details have been improved and modified according to the feedback from our clients

#1 Presentation. How to install

This is the very first video of a working version of our rear suspension, as you can see it still has the old design. But the assembly principle remained the same.

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