Reinforced nut for air shock EXA A5

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Upgrade of the large plastic nut for the main chamber of the EXA A5 pneumatic shock absorber, suitable for single or dual chamber types of shock absorbers. You are presented with a reinforced metal nut, which is installed as a replacement for the plastic nut. It allows for multiple, independent servicing of the pneumatic shock absorber, sometimes including the replacement of sealing rings, lubrication, and assessment of the product. It lets the shock absorber is capable of withstanding higher pressure in the wide chamber, recommended for Dereza front suspension.

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A large metal nut for replacing the plastic nut in the EXA A5 air shock absorber

The metal reinforced nut is machined from 7075-T6 material. The kit includes one wrench for removing the plastic nut.
You can use the round rubber sealing rings that were installed in your plastic nut if they are in good condition.

  • 1 – the square cross-section rubber sealing ring may not be present in these shock absorbers, usually installed at positions 1 or 3.
  • 2 – the external rubber sealing ring is sometimes absent in shock absorbers of this type
  • 3 – the round cross-section rubber sealing ring is often found in these shock absorbers, typically installed at positions 1 or 3. With this o-ring, assembly is very easy.
  • 4 – rubber dust seal (It is recommended to take care of this seal, as we do not have the capability to manufacture it).

assembly recommendations

  • before disassembling the plastic nut, it is necessary to release the pressure in the chambers. If you plan to remove the piston afterward, we recommend unscrewing the nipple or valve stem.
  • bemove the valve stem of the lower chamber (if you have a dual-chamber shock absorber). Use the radial grip typically found on pliers and place a rubber or cardboard pad (to avoid damaging the painted coating on the valve stem). Unscrew the valve stem by compressing its cylindrical part, being careful not to damage the threaded portion of the valve stem.
  • bhen disassembling the plastic nut using the provided wrench, it’s essential to firmly press the wrench against the flange of the nut to avoid damaging its thin edges.
  • remove the piston and clean the threaded connection inside the main chamber. You can also clean this chamber from old grease and debris. Use high-quality silicone grease to lubricate the chamber, threaded connection, piston, nut, and rubber sealing rings.
  • take your time before installing the old or new rubber sealing rings and dust seal into the new nut. First, take the metal nut and try to thread it onto the main chamber’s threads. Rotate the nut back and forth a few times until it starts threading smoothly by hand until snug without the use of a wrench.
  • carefully remove all rubber rings from the plastic nut and the rubber dust seal.
  • we recommend replacing the square cross-section ring with a round one immediately because it will be very difficult to fit it together with the nut onto the shock absorber. You may need to use a flat object to assist in fitting the square cross-section rubber ring onto the end of the shock absorber’s piston rod. Do not rush to move the nut along the piston rod towards the main chamber. First, install the dust seal into the metal nut immediately after the nut’s internal rubber ring has been fitted (snapped) onto the piston rod.
  • With the kit we provide, you can install the dust seal and fit the metal nut without any difficulty, it’s straightforward.

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